In the absence of your own cable specification, the following checklist will assist you to
completely specify the cable you want:

  1. Number and gauge of conductors
  2. Specification type of wire (military or commercial)
  3. Coding of conductors or subcables, striping or numbering, if any
  4. Tape barrier, used as first mechanical protective layer. Can be of Vinyl, Mylar, Tedlar, Polyethylene, or paper-fiberglass laminates
  5. Type of electrical shielding or mechanical armor
  6. % coverage required for electrical shielding
  7. Type of outer jacket material
  8. Color of outer jacket, sheath markings
  9. Wall thickness of outer jacket
  10. Necessary physical or environmental requirements, see below
  11. Minimum and maximum overall diameter

Physical Requirements

Environmental Requirements

Electrical Requirements