National Wire is proud to be an ESOP employee owned company led by a management team with many years of industry experience.

James B. Wiley, president of National Wire & Cable
James B. Wiley
President, CEO and Chairman of the Board
48 years of service

Robert Sanchez, CFO VP of Finance and Accounting

Robert Sanchez
CFO, VP of Finance and Accounting
23 years of service

Carmen Miranda, VP of Human Resources

Carmen Miranda
VP of Human Resources
28 years of service


Victor Alfonsi, VP of Sales and Marketing

Victor Alfonsi
VP of Sales and Marketing
41 years of service

Salim Audish, VP of Engineering Services

Salim Audish
VP of Engineering Services
43 years of service


Richard Batenhorst, VP NCM Products Operations

Richard Batenhorst
VP NCM Products Operations
40 years of service