National Wire Custom Coil Cord

• Exact Color Matching
• Short Runs OK
• Excellent Elasticity
• Molded-On
  strain reliefs
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Coil Cords
Computer and Data Applications

Whether it's for a medical defibrillator, a military grade computer or a heavy duty truck air brake system, our coil cords are guaranteed to perform. National Wire's in-house production is set up to allow for practical and economical short to medium runs.

Each coiled cable design requires a special bulk cord design if it is to work well. Our computerized design methods ensure attention to the fine details so that your product works properly. We invite you to contact our technical staff regarding your particular application or complete our online custom cable design form.

Design Parameters:
The practical limits of performance for coiled cables are controlled by the with of the coil and the elasticity and thickness of the material used for the outer jacket of the cord. We suggest our factory guidance in selection jacket materials suitable for you application. For jacketing material most practical for coil cords, see the following table.

Electrical Shielding:
Braided copper shielding is not recommended in view of its adverse effect on the retractile properties of a coil cord. We recommend a spiral tinned copper shield or foil shield of aluminum/mylar tape.

Coil End Direction:
The exit direction of the cord ends relative to the coil cord axis may be parallel or at right angles to it. Each end may be different. Special exit angles are possible; consult the factory for these options.

Molded-on Strain Reliefs and Fittings:
It is possible to injection mold on strain reliefs, 90 degree bends, metallic fittings, or most any desired shape over the cord ends. Consult with the factory for technical support on these options.

Colors and Color Matching:
It is possible to obtain almost any jacket color in plastic cords. If exact color matching is desired, a sample is preferred, or we can match to any of the Pantone or Munsell color charts.

Stranded Wires V.S. Tinsel:
Most coiled cords use conventional stranded copper conductors with plastic insulation. For some special applications, the stranded conductors are replaced with tinsel conductors to obtain the highest possible life expectancy in rough use.

Coil Cords for Air Brakes
Truck Air Brake Applications

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