Geophysical Cables

NV and NVP Cables

NV & NVP Cables
Suitable for Rough Usage - 20 AWG
AWM Style 20233
80ºC, 300 Volt, VW-1
CSA AWM II A/B, 80ºC, 300 V, FT-1
National Wire & Cable Corporation manufactures a family of highly flexible miniature rough-usage low-voltage instrument control cable. These are available as cabled pairs or singles, with optional overall shield of foil with drain wire.
Conductors are stranded tinned copper with .011” wall of super-tough extruded polypropylene primary insulation, having excellent electrical properties. Wires are color coded using ten std. colors + stripes.
Conductors are planetary cabled and helically laid for optimum flexibility, with a barrier tape under braids, if used.
Shielded cables have 100% coverage aluminum-foil shield in contact with a stranded drain wire for easy termination. Optional tinned copper braid of >90% coverage per MIL-C-7078, with braid angles below 40° for easy pushback is available on special order.
Outer jacket is highly flexible poly-ether-urethane thermoplastic, very resistant to oils, fuels, flame, and UV. Polyurethane is noted for outstanding resistance to scuffing and tearing.
Standard cable has super-durable black polyurethane jacket, or may be supplied with blue outer jacket for use in “Intrinsically Safe” applications. (Ref. National Electric Code, Chapter 5, Section 504.)
Finished cable meets the UL Vertical Flame Test type VW-1 and CSA FT-1 flame test.
Finished cable is UL Recognized and meets all requirements of Appliance Wiring Material Style 20233 wich bears the agency intended-use of “External connection of electronic equipment.”
Widely used for molded-connector assemblies due to uniform controlled diameter.
All cables bear printed marks for UL rated voltage (300 V.), temperature (+80ºC), and flame resistance (UL VW-1). Available in other conductor counts, sizes, stranding, from 28 AWG through 10 AWG, and mixed AWG. Please consult factory.


Agency Cable Style UL AWM Style 20233
Agency voltage rating 300 Volts
Agency temperature rating +80ºC.
Agency Flame Rating UL VW-1 and also Canadian CSA FT-1
Factory HiPot test volts 1500 VAC each conductor to all others & shield,
Factory spark test (dry) individual wires connected in common.
Cold Bending 100 % of all wire passes 3400 VAC "spark test" before processing.
Conductor Resistance, single, not pair Passes cold bend (180º over 2x mandrel) at -20ºC. Storage OK at -40ºC.
Conductor Resistance, single, in a pair 9.5 ohms per 1000 feet; (3.1 ohms per 100 meter) (20 awg)
Wire Insulation Resistance (IR) 10 ohms per 1000 feet; (3.3 ohms per 100 meter) (20 awg)
Jacket Insulation Resistance (Wet IR) 3,000 megohms per 100 meters, from one conductor to all else in common + shield, nom.
Jacket Capacitance 100 megohm per 100 meters from conductor group + shield to water bath electrode, nom.
(Fully immersed) 95 nFd per 100 meters from wires & shield, grouped, to bath electrode.
Capacitance, one wire to group 17 nFd per 100 meters @ 1000 Hz, nominal (20 awg)
Pair Capacitance wire-wire 9.7 nFd per 100 meters @ 1000 Hz, nominal (20 awg)
Pair Inductance, 2-wire Loop .064 milli-Henry per 100 meters @ 1000 Hz, nominal. (20 awg)
Pair Impedance, wire-wire 90 ohm diff. impedance, for pairs, nominal (20 awg)
Single conductor Inductance 3.33 milli-Henry per 100 m, end-to-end, @ 1000 Hz. nominal. (20 awg)

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