NEC 725 Signal Control Cables

NLP Series - Cabled Twisted Pairs Conductors, CL2 Overall Foil Shield With Drain

Standard CL2 Cables
NEC 725 Tray Cables
Twisted Pairs (NLP Series)
Cabled conductors use stranded tinned copper wire with 0.010” wall of tough extruded poly-vinyl-chloride (PVC) insulation, rated for 300 Volt use under U.L. Style 2464.
All wires are color coded using 10 standard solid colors plus white with stripes. Cables singles are color coded the same as our NQ and NX cable families per MIL-STD-681. Cabled pairs are color coded the same as our NQP and NXP cable families.
Conductors are helically cabled and laid for optimum flexiblility, with a Mylar tape barrier wrap (or Mylar + Foil) applied between cabled wire bundle and outer jacket.
Shielded cables have an overall Aluminum-Mylar foil shielding tape helically wrapped over cable and a tinned uninsulated drain wire for shield connection. (Use FSJ part Number suffix.) For optional composite tinned copper CFI braid(s) + foil shielding, consult factory.
Outer jacket is a special highly flexible abrasion-resistant gray polyvinylchloride (PVC) thermoplastic. DUAL-RATED jacket compound meets the requirements of both U.L. AWM Style 2464 and U.L. 13 Type CL2 TRAY CABLE. Jacket is surface printed with both UL AWM 2464 and U.L. 13 Type CL2 TRAY CABLE identifiers. Jacket wall thickness is .032” nom.
Finished cables comply with applicable U.L. tests for N.E.C. Type CL2 TRAY CABLE
Vertical Tray Flame Spread. All materials are flame-spread retardant and fungus
resistant. The products are DUAL-RATED for AWM use as U.L. Style 2464 300 Volt,
80°C, OR for U.L. 13 Type CL2 TRAY CABLE 105°C use.


Rated WorkingVoltage 300 Volts for AWM uses.
Rated Temperature DUAL-RATED:+105°C or +80°C dependent on AGENCY intended use.
Insulation Breakdown Voltage Greater than 3400 Volts AC RMS as 60 Hz.
Capacitance Nominal capacitance from a wire to all else in a cable ranges from 25 to 45 PF/FT at 1 kHz, depending on AWG and position.
Insulation Leakage 100 megohms/1000 ft. min. at 500 VDC from a conductor to all else in a
cable, at 25°C, U.L. Agency Voltage & Temperature Ratings UL rated: +80°C AWM, 300 VOLT per UL Style 2464. UL rated +105°C CL2 TRAY CABLE per UL 13, NEC Type CL2.
Bending Characteristics All cables are suitable for flexing to a circle diameter of 8 cable diameters from +105°C to -10°C. Recommended flex diameter should be greater than 20 cable diameters for flexing at -20°C.
Characteristic Impedance RF Impedance of twisted pairs or adjacent singles is: 87 ohms in AWG 24; 80 ohms in AWG 22. Suitable for digital signals.

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