National Wire Cable Molding & Terminations
• Robust construction
• Small to medium volume
• Quick turnaround
• IPC/WHMA certification
• Prototyping & testing
• Exact color matching
• Special Integral molding processes

National Wire's cable molding and terminations production features their proprietary Integral Molding process.

Integral Molding is Better:
• Cables and terminations are more compact and light weight.
• Assemblies are supplied ready to use.
• The process is very suitable for a wide choice of custom connector shapes.
• You'll see the cost savings on your bottom line.

Our proprietary molding and tooling techniques allow us to create the connector directly on the cable by embedding cable, contacts and hardware in hot-injected plastic. We are able to tool cable-connector designs at greatly reduced cost compared to conventional methods. Also, a wide variety of standard cable-connector tools are available for producing your assembly with no tooling costs.

We mold on a wide selection of connectors using our standard contacts and hardware. Some common types are:
• Male and female plugs on cable
• Male and female contacts on leadwires
• Medical electrodes
• Short plugs
• Molded leg breakouts on cables
• Molded yokes on cables
• Y and Y molded splices
• Test probes and leads

National Wire Molding Quality Inspection
We have a high quality standard. All products are closely inspected.

National Wire Cable Assembly Services
National Wire provides complete in-house cable assembly services.

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National Cable Molding

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