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Integral Molding Concept

What is Integral Molding

  • Bulk Cable ends are stripped, individual electrical contacts are attached to wires.
  • Cable end with contacts attached is placed inside proprietary mold tooling system.
  • Hot plastic is injected into tool by unique high-speed molding equipment.
  • Finished connector comes out of tool ready to use. Created directly around cable, contacts and shell.
  • A conventional connector is not used or attached to cable. Instead we form the connector body around the cable and pins, by unique molding processes.

Why Integral Molding is better:

  • Professional custom-made appearance.
  • More compact, light-weight.
  • Highly reliable molded construction.
  • Cable assemblies are supplied ready to use.
  • Permits a wide choice of custom connector shapes.
  • Permits large cost savings due to high-production techniques.

Unique Advantages to Purchasing

  • No connectors to buy and stock.
  • No bulk cable to buy and stock.
  • In-house assembly and soldering people not required; Training unnecessary.
  • Cable assemblies arrive complete-ready to use.
  • Shipments scheduled to meet your needs, minimizing your inventory.
  • You deal direct with the original manufacturer of both cable and connector.
  • No odd hardware and connector accessories to buy and stock.
  • Very low cost compared to conventional construction.

Unique Advantages to Engineering

  • Highly reliable due to embedded construction of connector, and wires.
  • No failures due to shorts. Molded insulation is excellent dielectric material.
  • Molded insulation provides a distributed strain-relief to all wires and the cable jackets, minimizing failure due to axial strain on cable.
  • Consistent low capacitance between circuits.
  • Connector body outer surfaces are resilient, crack-proof, dent-resistant.
  • Connector pins cannot "pull back" or move due to cable tensions.

Unique Advantages to Designers

  • Permits unlimited choice of custom connector shapes for special applications.
  • Molding allows certain shapes which cannot be obtained in metal connectors.
  • Permits wide choice of colors for connector and cable.
  • Molding allows use of plastic or metal inserts, clips, threaded nuts and other embedded materials not available in standard connectors.

Unique Advantages to Marketing

  • Molded connectors have a custom professional appearance.
  • Molded connectors and cable can be color-matched to the equipment.
  • Molded connectors cannot tarnish. Always glossy, neat appearing.
  • Your company name, trademarks or part number may be a permanent part of the connector surface.
  • Pricing advantages due to low cost of molded cables.

Unique Advantages to Product Managers

  • In-house assembly and soldering personnel not required.
  • Inventory of cable & connectors not required.
  • Assembly personnel training not required.
  • Plant floor-space for assembly operation is free for other uses.
  • No investment in high-production cable-terminating equipment.
  • A single source is responsible for delivery of cable, connectors and effort to provide the finished item, permitting a unified control to meet your schedules.

Unique Advantages for Quality Control

  • A single source is responsible for connectors, bulk cable, assembly and molding.
  • Separate inspections of connectors, cable, soldering are avoided.
  • Cable assembly arrives as a single unit; ready for acceptance.
  • Inspection labor time is a minimum.



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